Basic Training

Like most achievements in life, “Financial Success”, starts with understanding the basics.

Importance of Time Value of Money

There is a compounding benefits of saving a small percent of earnings on a monthly basis over a long period of time. Interest accumulates and accelerates the growth on money over time. 

Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

Did you know these facts regarding Permanent Life Insurance?  

  • Proceeds are paid out tax free to recipients
  • Cash value increases over time and accumulates tax free
  • Level investment which never increases
  • Cash value can be borrowed if needed

Given time value of money and tax free accumulations, increases in cash value can be significant and would be available for use at retirement.

Purchasing Term Life Insurance verses purchasing Permanent Life

Purchasing Insurance is similar in concept to renting a house verses purchasing a house.

  • Term Insurance – Renting a house leaves no value if you move  
  • Permanent Insurance – Purchasing a house accumulates equity over time

In conclusion, start saving today and let the time value of money assist you in accumulating wealth for retirement,. Also learn about the benefits of permanent insurance which provides for both family security, as well as, provides a foundation of saving for retirement.

Reference: Financial “Planning Model”